Polka Tots Charcoal Cloth Diaper with black inserts

Combo of Bamboo Charcoal Reusable Cloth Diapers Cow, Umbrella and Mustache

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Cloth Diapers for Babies: Washable reusable cloth diaper all sizes adjustable pocket diaper quick and easy step for using Bamboo Charcoal Cloth diaper:-

Eco-friendly & Reusable: Reusable cloth diaper is an eco-friendly diapering option that helps to reduce landfill waste.

Soft & Comfortable: Stretchable waterproof outer fabric. The bamboo charcoal gently flexes around your baby. The soft absorbent inner fabric gently wicks moisture away from the baby skin. Babies in cloth diapers are less susceptible to skin rashes unlike in disposables.

Economical & Saves Money: Unlike other diapers, these cloth diapers are reusable. You can wash and use these diaper multiple times. Adjustable snap closure system allows these diapers to fit different sizes from newborn to toddlers.

Diaper Features: Double interlock to stop leakage, using bamboo charcoal inner for babies is more absorbent and more resistant to dirt.

Fabric Content: Outer 100% polyester with TPU coating, inner layer bamboo charcoal

One size fits all– you can adjust the diaper to your desired size (XS, S, M or L) by snapping onto different rows of buttons on the nappy.

Hip snaps and crossover snaps to prevent “wing droop” (3×3 rise snaps) Comfortable elastic legging area.

    • Waterproof, Strong, Breathable, Absorbent material. Anti-Bacterial Germproof Material for Perfect hygiene of your little one.

    • All in one size – three rows of adjustable snaps to allow for a small/medium/large size in one cloth diaper, fit newborn infants to toddlers

    • Bamboo Charcoal 5 Layer Insert: The top layer and bottom layer- 100% bamboo charcoal materials. The middle three layers:100% microfiber materials.

    • Super water absorbent, it is 5 times than normal material

Wash Care:

Step 1: Always wash the diaper and insert both at least once or twice before using, skipping this step can cause leaks.
Step 2: Always resize diaper before use using the front panel of snaps according to your baby. The size must be such that there are no gaps around the thigh. A loose diaper can be uncomfortable for babies.
Step 3: Put the soaked /insert into the pocket of diaper. One soaker/insert will last 3-4 hours for an average wetting baby.